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Birchall Mao Feng Green Tea

Birchall Mao Feng Green Tea


Birchall Mao Feng Green Tea 15 Plant based Prism Tea bags

For centuries green teas have been revered across the Far East and are a rich, natural source of anti-oxidants. Crisp and refreshing, Birchall Mao Feng invigorates your senses with a bright taste of summer.
In our pursuit of quality we have expertly sourced a traditional, whole leaf Mao Feng. Its dark green leaves brighten when infused to produce a shimmering, clear, yellow colour with an initial smoothness, which evolves into the more complex, fragrant notes that characterise this famous green tea. Our purifying and restorative Mao Feng is a celebration of this special green tea. Enjoy as part of your wellness routine.


This green tea includes:

  • Mao Feng Green Tea

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